Flo Rida – Whistle

Let’s start it off with the number one hit in America last week:

For those of us who thought that the “whistling for a hit” horse had died in the Summer of 2011 (see: Moves Like Jagger, I Wanna Go, Pumped Up Kicks, The Lazy Song, etc.), Flo Rida’s “Whistle” dug up the horse, lit a circle of candles, brought the horse back to life with necromancy, and then beat it’s undead ass with a hammer. That being said, the “whistle” is just a very subtle and ingenious metaphor for… you’ll never guess… wait for it… oral sex. Yes, the whistle is in fact Flo Rida’s junk, and the lyrics describe the various ways he would like “Girl” to make use of said “whistle”. Although I am not opposed to whistles, or the acts Mr. Rida has cleverly insinuated, I feel that a certain amount of class or tact is required in these things. This song is the musical equivalent to walking up to a man/woman and telling him/her you have a party in your pants and that he/she is invited.

Now on to the enriching part. “Whistle” gives us two options for alternatives; we have your sexual innuendo (A) and one for whistling (B).




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