Rihanna – Diamonds

D.H. Lawrence, in his novel Women In Love, wrote: “But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.” After hearing this song, I would have to agree. Rihanna says “Shine bright like a diamond” twenty-six times in the space of three minutes and fourty-five seconds. Including those lines, she says the word “diamond” fourty times total. I think this song might be about diamonds, but what do I know?

The beat plods along throughout as the same four or five notes are played at regular intervals on the piano. I thought of a better title for this song: “Waterboarding”.
Fourty diamonds aside, I am convinced that the lyrics were written by Rihanna, translated to Japanese and then translated back to English by a high school-aged anime fan. From obviously mis-understood idioms like “Eye to eye, so alive” to completely nonsensical imagery such as “At first sight I left the energy of sun rays” (yes, she says that). Thank the great Sky Diamond that you don’t have to listen to songs like these as many times as I do.And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… an alternative to Diamonds by Rihanna.
I think she was shooting for two main ideas here: (A) Diamonds! and (B) Surreal yet beautiful imagery. I’ll give her mad propz for nailing one of those… and then take the propz away 39 times.The Beatles did it better on both counts.

(A + B) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – The Beatles


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